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Limited Releases

One of the things we get to do it play and experiment with things.  Most fun are the uniquely different product and barrel combinations we have in the mix, and as they mature and are ready they will be on the shelves.

Old 51 Wheat Whiskey

If you have never had a good wheat whiskey, you are missing out.  Smooth and rich...what a great combination!  We bottled the first barrel in September 2016 after 25-months in a 15-gallon barrel.  Look for additional releases from time to time!

Double Barrel

Collaborating with breweries and wineries, we trade out our used bourbon barrels and then get them back once beer and wine have been aged in them as well. From there we "finish" our bourbon whiskey into a one-of-a-kind product bearing the signature of the whatever was just in there.  The "Buck Shot" line are the ones finished in the beer barrels, and the "Bird Shot" are from the wine barrels.  Our first releases occurred in January 2017 and will continue to be bottled as we have them available.  Click HERE for notes on each one!

From the Vault

Over the years we have experimented with different ways of doing things. Non-standard grain ratios, different barrel types, etc. As these reach maturity, we will release them from time to time showcasing the differences that each bears.  Click HERE for notes on these releases!

Smoked Corn Whiskey

We tried a small batch of this on our little 10-gallon still and it was a hit.  This is basically a standard bourbon mash of corn and wheat, but instead of regular malted barley, we are using a combination of Applewood and Cherrywood smoked malts.  In addition, we are aging this whiskey in our own used bourbon barrels.  The intent is that this will bear the characteristics of good American Bourbon with some of the smokier Single Malts we love.  Distillation took place in January of 2017 and we anticipate the whiskey to sit for some time before it's ready to go.

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