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The Northwoods Original Moonshine

Our Original Moonshine is Corn Whiskey - un-aged, un-filtered, and straight from the still.  Our moonshine is made up of 80% corn, a little bit of wheat, malted wheat, and malted barley, making it flavorful, smooth, and warm all the way down! 

Our corn whiskey is the basis for many of our products - we currently offer six varieties of our flavored moonshines which take our original moonshine and infuses it with a variety of traditional and local flavors making for a unique spirit!  

Our Original Moonshine, like all other corn whiskey, is a one of a kind flavor.  In addition to a little sipping around the fire, there are some great ways to flavor your moonshine.  You can also substitute moonshine for other whiskey in traditional cocktails, creating a great spin on old favorites.  If you have some great ways to do it yourself, and want to share them, send them to us and we can share them with others!


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