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"Jimmy's Room" Bourbon Whiskey


Welcome to "Jimmy's Room," an exploration of the aging of whiskey.  Because we plan to bottle each barrel individually, each bottling run will have its own unique signature.  The bourbon begins as essentially the same product as our Original Moonshine, but is aged quietly in small, new, charred oak barrels until they are mature with the full flavor of great bourbon whiskey.  Generally made from corn, wheat, and barley creating a uniquely sweet and smooth taste.

We like to call it a bold and flavorful spirit, meant to be savored slowly and with purpose.  Most of our barrels were filled with whiskey on the lower end of the typical proof scale when aging whiskey in barrels.  This means we need to dilute it very little for bottling, helping to achieve our goal in to preserve as much of the full flavor as possible.  When tasting, you will immediately notice the sweet smell of the corn and wheat, as well as the ever present, unfiltered character of the charred oak itself.  As close as possible to experiencing it straight out of the barrel!

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