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Our Vodka is made from scratch using the same grain base that makes our moonshine and bourbon.  It is distilled a minimum of five times and carbon filtered in very small batches to produce a very clean taste with a touch of sweetness - ready for your glass!  


"Jimmy's Room" Bourbon

Our Bourbon is very close to the same product as our Original Moonshine, aged quietly in small, new charred oak barrels until they are mature with the full flavor of great bourbon whiskey. Each barrel is bottled individually, allowing for unique character from each barrel to be tasted.  Available now in limited quantities.


The Northwoods Original Moonshine

Our Original Moonshine is Corn Whiskey - un-aged, un-filtered, and straight from the still.  Our moonshine is made up of 80% corn, a little bit of wheat, malted wheat, and malted barley, making it flavorful, smooth, and warm all the way down! 


Flavored Moonshine

Using our Original Moonshine as a base, we have created a number of naturally flavored favorites. Some are sweet, some are sweeter, and all can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a variety of cocktails.



Available now - an exploration of gin!  By law, gin is a neutral spirit with the main flavor being derived from juniper berries.  But after that, the sky is the limit!  As we like to do, ours features a few local botanicals including wintergreen and white pine.  Top it off with a little citrus enhancements from coriander and lemon peel.

Enjoy this light and flavorful gin!

Flavored Vodka

Ready to go right now - our naturally flavored vodkas!  Using only our vodka distilled in-house, we have created two wonderful and sweet blends and are working on others.  Stop in to try our latest creation!


Limited Releases

Click below to read about some of our "X-Projects" and other intriguing spirits in the works!

Several of these products are currently available.  Please stop in our Tasting Room to see what is in stock!


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