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Shaping up the Tasting Room

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
by Peter Nomm

As we were working on the production area, we also were getting the tasting room prepped.  We painted the walls and cleaned it from top to bottom, but we needed to add a sales counter, the tasting bar, and some other fixtures.

We had a supply of rough-cut oak which I had used for our basement walls and a bar, and wanted to create that same look in the tasting room.  These two images are of the wood we began with - rough-cut oak in 4" - 12" widths.  The second image is the 13" planer - I put every board through that planer many, many times.  They cleaned up great once we got them down to a 3/4" thickness.

Next I started to frame and finish the sales counter.  This oak became the siding on it, and I made the counter top and bar top our of regular lumber.  Here is the top being made for the counter.

A week later it was finished!

We also completed the bar with the same look.  Special thanks for Steel Innovations for creating the perfect rustic bar rail to add to the look!

And to top it all off, there was even enough wood left to make a matching shelf!

There is still plenty of "décor" left to be added to the Tasting Room, but the only way to see it is to come visit us!

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