Our Story

We'd Like To Thank...

A project like this cannot happen without the support of so many others.  We have tried as much as possible to use our local services and products in making this as authentic and home-grown as possible.  Below is a list of those that have been an integral part to our success.

Gaslight Square, LLC - Barb Wagoner and Carolyn Goltra
Vanatta Plumbing - Todd Vanatta, Pat, & Jeff
Redi-Handyman Electrical Services - Jason Lemke
The Design Department - Clif Parsons
Minocqua Photography - Shelley
Northern Wisconsin Security & Sound - Ben Berray
Attorney John Houlihan
Southern Graphics Services - Tom Schiller
Gusmer Enterprises
Hawkins, Inc. - Lee Ryan
CTL - Dave Falstad
River Valley Bank - Matt & Missy
Ullmer's Dairy Supply - Paul Ullmer
Distillery Equipment - Paul Hall
Lallemand Yeasts
Lakeland Sign & Graphics
Design Solutions
Wild Berry Market
The Barrel Mill
Ahead - Patrick Lang
Mike Warren

Thanks especially to our entire family for the support and encouragement, and a great group of friends that have helped along the way......

Bill Stein, John Hogan, Jerry Geiger, Jared Bence, Scott Radlinger

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The Barrel

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  4. Lakeside Apple Pie Moonshine Peter Nomm 22-Dec-2014
  5. Bourbon - Day 70 Peter Nomm 20-Aug-2014