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Apple Pie Moonshine

Our Apple Pie Moonshine is a semi-sweet blend of apples, cinnamon, and, of course, our Original Moonshine.  Most of us prefer to sip it straight from the bottle, but don't be afraid to heat it up and sip it by the fire.


Honey Lemon Moonshine

Grandma always knew best.......

Our Honey Lemon Moonshine is good for the soul.  Call it our version of a hot toddy - ready to go right from the bottle.  Made with farm fresh lemon juice, real Wisconsin honey, and our Original Moonshine, this has quickly become a favorite treat!


Honey Lemon Cranberry Moonshine

Our Honey Lemon Cranberry Moonshine is great summer blend made by blending locally sourced cranberry juice with our Honey Lemon Moonshine. Call it our pink lemonade - a refreshing treat enjoyed best on the rocks!


Cinnamon Maple Moonshine

Cinnamon Maple Moonshine is a pleasant blend of Cinnamon and Maple Syrup with our Original Moonshine.  Can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, and as a mixer in a variety of cocktails.


Maple Vanilla Moonshine

Our Maple Vanilla Moonshine is a sweet blend of pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup, Vanilla Beans, and our Original Moonshine.  We soak real vanilla beans in our Original Moonshine for about a month before blending in the maple syrup. This is a wonderful after dinner sipper leaves you with a great vanilla finish, and goes even better with dark chocolate.  Trust me - I know!

Black Currant Moonshine

Thanks to our friend Jackie for this one - Black Currant is what I call moonshine for red wine drinkers!  It is a semi-sweet, deep flavored drink that is best enjoyed straight.

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